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Our Why

We help recruiters in the Utah area get to the next level. There has been a lack of free education and a network that provides consistent opportunities for recruiters to learn, grow, and network and that is why Recruiters of Utah was founded.


Our Approach

Every reruiter is different and their organizaation is different, so our material might work or might not depending on your situation. That is why we provide different events, speakers, mentors, articles that hopefully you will find what works for you in this community.


Our Mission

Our mission is as recruiters is to help others get opportunities. While we help others on a day to day basis to get careers. We are a community to help each other to find talent in one of the fastest growing markets in the nation. 


 Our Network

Want to get connected to the top companies in Utah or start a career in recruiting? Our Network is the largest group of recruiters trying to better the recruiting experience for candidates in Utah. We want to help candidates get better access to recruiters besides just applying to jobs, but we also want to teach recruiters and help them find the right candidates in a more human way. 


If you want to get mentored or mentor a recruiter. We provide a platform for you to choose a recruiter who has experience that matches where you want to be. If you are starting out we are not going to match you with a VP of talent, but match you with someone that has a few years of experience and can hopefully get you to the next step. 

Podcasts and Webinars 

Starting in 2021 we are going to create bi-weekly podcasts and monthly webinars and talk with industry experts to help us continue to learn different ways of attracting top talent to our organizations

Happy Holidays and Season Greetings

Due to Covid 19, we have all been adjusting and trying to figure out how to support this community. We are excited for 2021 and will have more content to help you this upcoming year. 


Recruiters of Utah

By the Numbers

Being founded in 2019 we have have increased in size and function as we continue to help recruiters solve problems or make their organizations better. 


Events so far

Current Members

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Success Stories

“Recruiters and HR professionals have a stigma of either being like “toby” or tend to ghost candidates. We as Recruiters of Utah want to help teach each other and candidates the way that TA and HR professionals should treat everyone in and outside their organization”

Ryan Miller

Founder, Board of Directors

“I wanted to make real change and real connections with other recruiters in Utah to help me and to help them become the best that they can be”

Jordan Sinquefield

Director of Recruiting, Real Advantage Title Insurance Agency

” Being able to connect with other recruiters to help them is the outcome we should all want”

Christopher Dominguez

Director of Outcomes , Dev Mountain


From Logan, UT to St. George, UT and everywhere inbetween

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